Tuesday, January 31, 2017

President Trump, Making America Great Again, has had an eight year old American girl killed. She was Nora (Nawar) al-Awlaki, and was killed in a raid in Yemen that Trump called. Military sources say that on the raid, “Almost everything went wrong,” but some Al Qaeda personnel were killed.
The benefits of killing the Al Qaeda beasts comes nowhere near the immense propaganda value of killing a little girl, one of our own citizens. Of course there are conflicting reports about how she died, but count on it, her death is being used to stir up hate for the United States.
If you didn’t before, now you should understand why ISIS is so happy Trump won the Presidency. He doesn’t have the wit to defeat ISIS, but he provides them invaluable propaganda material.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

What could be more appropriate for the Chicken Year?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

One day, Frederick Trump gave his little son Donald an axe. It was studded with diamonds and made out of solid gold, but it had a very thin handle so little Donald could wrap his little hands around it. As he had his servants give his son the axe, Frederick told his son Donald, “Don’t you dare chop down my cherry tree with your little axe!”
So Donald tried to chop down the cherry tree with his hatchet, but cherry wood is very hard, so Donald could not chop it down with his little axe and his little hands. So he hired a dozen illegal immigrants from Mexico to chop it down for him.
When Frederick came home, he saw his cherry tree had been chopped down, and he flew into a wrath. He told his servants to bring Donald to him.
Donald stood before his wrathful parent. “Donald,” cried the father, “Who chopped down my cherry tree?”
“Father,” said little Donald, “I cannot tell the truth. I chopped down your cherry tree with my little axe, and I saw thousands of Muslims in New Jersey cheering as it fell, because I am very intelligent, and I know the best words, like bigly, and I don’t like soldiers who surrender, because I am rich enough to get out of military service with fake medical problems. But Father, I will build a wall around your cherry tree, and the length of the wall shall be three hundred cubits, its width fifty cubits, and its height thirty cubits. And I shall make the Mexican government pay for it, and if they refuse, I will make the American tax payers pay for it and tell them that if they think the Mexicans didn’t pay, they have been tricked by the liberal media. And I will do all that my master Putin tells me to do, for he will raise me to great heights. I will fill the Cabinet with toadies and thieves, and we will acquire vast riches, offend common decency, trample on the little guy, and do all within our power to defile the Constitution.”
“Oh, come to my arms,” the joyous parent said, “Truly you are destined for greatness and the largest crowd ever to attend an inauguration and other alternative facts.” And they hugged as the great United States went swiftly down the drain. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The True Correct story about Trump’s Inauguration

Friday, January 20, 2017

How long will it take some people to realize how badly they’ve been duped?

Thursday, January 19, 2017

interesting excerpts
Do We Want to Live in China’s World?
·         January 19, 2017
Robert Daly
The C.C.P.’s primary goal is maintaining its monopoly on power. China’s military strategy, trade and investment policy, global media, and cultural and educational exchanges all serve that end. Because the C.C.P. feels constrained and demonized by the modern liberal order, it uses its economic and military might to break constraints and change minds. Beijing is trying to persuade the world to accept the C.C.P.’s domestic standards for the treatment of individuals, information, and institutions as legitimate alternatives to liberal norms. This program is evident in China’s rejection of international law in the South China Sea, its gaming of international trade rules, its curbing of Internet freedoms in the name of “cyber security,” its attempts to weaken NGOs in China and at the United Nations (U.N.), and in its readiness to punish nations which host the Dalai Lama or celebrate Chinese dissidents on their own soil. China pushes these policies even as it provides a growing number of public goods, including U.N. peacekeeping, disaster relief, medical aid, and badly needed infrastructure investment. For the C.C.P., there is no contradiction between the illiberal and beneficial aspects of its foreign policy: protectionist authoritarianism provides the stability that makes Chinese generosity and trade possible. All of these variables should be understood and welcomed, in Beijing’s view, as essential parts of a balanced equation....
Under Xi, China seems determined—gradually and peacefully, if possible, and through coercion if necessary—to become the benign hegemon of Asia. China can only achieve this through the weakening of the United States’ alliance system and rejection of key principles of international law.…
a region that boasts 60 percent of the world’s consumers and roughly two-thirds of global economic growth ….
The U.S. and China are now so interdependent, moreover, that Washington cannot impose economic costs on China that don’t ricochet onto U.S. allies and the United States itself.

- See more at: http://www.chinafile.com/viewpoint/do-we-want-live-chinas-world?utm_source=pocket&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=pockethits#sthash.BOzFMgqs.dpuf

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Eight months later, they finally discovered who found the camera they dropped from a plane.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dylan Roof is a powerful argument for the death penalty. It’s not just the evil of his crimes: murdering nine people is bad enough, but how you could shoot someone after worshiping together with them for 45 minutes confounds me.
Roof is guilty and unrepentant. He obviously can’t be let free, so there are only two courses available: put him to death or lock him up in prison.
That’s the problem. If you lock him up, he will not allow his twisted mind to be cured, because he says psychology was invented by Jews and wants nothing to do with mental health. So in prison, if he is allowed to mingle with other inmates, he will pollute generations of prisoners. He will preach hate and racial war, and may even become an admired leader. If he is not allowed to mingle with other inmates, and locked up in solitary confinement, that is cruel and unusual punishment. (Either way, the taxpayers have to pay huge sums of money for his incarceration, health, and so forth.)
So the only other solution is to put him to death. It’s like having a bad apple in a bushel of good apples. You just have to get rid of it. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

People who say bad things about the Clintons disappear. Yeah, I’m a believer! And don’t let Snopes or common sense tell you anything different!

Monday, January 09, 2017

Your brain on poverty

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

A classic.
For those unfortunate souls who are unfamiliar with Beyond the Fringe, it was a comedy revue written performed by Peter Cook, Dudley Moore, Alan Bennett, and Jonathan Miller in the 1960s. Without further ado, just enjoy this gem.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

an interesting viewpoint
Refusing The Hand Of The Empire BY MARK Y.A. DAVIES
The biggest mistake ever made in the history of Christianity [and there are a lot of them] is when the Christian Church decided to believe and accept that the Empire was on its side.
When Christianity allowed itself to be co-opted by Constantine in the early Fourth Century C.E., it was a bit like if Luke Skywalker had accepted Darth Vader’s offer to join him and rule the galaxy together.
The Church reached out and took the hand of the Empire instead of taking its chance with a leap of faith into the abyss, thereby becoming the servant of the dark side for the sake of its own survival.
The Roman Empire fell soon after its takeover of Christianity [a fact not easily explained by Christianity’s defenders], but Christianity re-attached itself to numerous empires thereafter to maintain its hegemony in Europe and beyond.
The Christianity of Empire, as opposed to the Way of Jesus, was used to justify crusades, inquisitions, conquests, colonization, slavery, and genocide – often done in the name of Christian mission, but always done for sake of the Empire.
That Christianity became an imperial religion is antithetical to everything Jesus lived and taught. The Empire was never a friend to Jesus, and Jesus was never a friend to the Empire.
The Empire executed Jesus with its most public and brutal method in order to display its power and eliminate a threat, and when the Jesus movement would not die, the Empire eventually co-opted the movement for its own purposes. That is what empires do.
Once the Empire co-opted the Christian movement, it focused on the otherworldly aspects of Christianity in order to keep power and control over people in this world. The Empire or State maintained control of the affairs of this world, while religion prepared the soul for the next.
Obedience to the Empire’s authority in this life became one of the prerequisites to enjoying the rewards and avoiding the punishments in the next. The Empire made central the peripheral strands of eternal punishment and eternal reward in Christianity as a means to maintain and consolidate power and keep order among its subjects.
Christianity in the United States continues in this long and tragic tradition of serving as the religion of the Empire. The way of Jesus has been mistaken for the American way; including adherence to its social, political, and economic systems.
Through increasingly sophisticated and ever present forms of propaganda, a form of Christianity is used to bolster loyalty to and support for the Empire. Every cry that we are a Christian nation is an echo of the imperial voice that seeks to tame Jesus and use the power of the Jesus movement to consolidate power of the Empire through the alienation of the “other,” by highlighting that their way is not our way, that “they” are not us.
Those who wish to the follow the way of Jesus rather than the religion of the Empire need a reminder that following Jesus is better done in the catacombs rather than cathedrals, in the barrios rather than basilicas, in the streets rather than status seeking institutions, in the turning over of tables of injustice rather than taking up seats around them, in the resistance to Empires rather than in their maintenance.
People who follow the way of Jesus follow a Middle Eastern person who refused to take the hand of the Empire and who was therefore tortured and executed by imperial authorities.
It is time for those who follow the way of Jesus to once and for all reject the way of Empire. It is time for Christians in the United States to get their Pre-Constantinian identity back and get to the work of bringing love and justice into a broken world, even if it means letting go of that which appears to be working on behalf of their institutional survival.
The Empire was never on the side of Jesus, and it never will be. 

– Mark Davies is the Wimberly Professor of Social and Ecological Ethics and director of the World House Institute for Social and Ecological Responsibility at Oklahoma City University.