Sunday, April 28, 2013

今早四對蜂鷹在山巒玩,飛呀衝呀,實在好看。Four pairs of honey buzzards were playing in the sky above the mountains this morning, a beautiful sight.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

臺灣有一個不成文規定,即:「公共場所的英文不得寫的像英文。」臺北捷運的英文尚可,但也有很詭異的ABC文(不敢說是英文)。上週我看到捷運幾句很不倫不類的ABC文,好心的我就寫意見表給捷運局,他們回函:「捷運系統內之各項英文標示及廣播皆經過本公司特聘之外文顧問審核通過始得使用。」 好了,我又不是當官的,我輸了,我只能勸大家,要學英文的話,在臺灣公共場所看到的ABC文不看為妙。

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I turned on my computer to find out who was responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing. If it were a terrorist group, they would be crowing and calling for more and more publicity, so I suspect it was some nut. Since even the Pakistan Taliban and Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood say they didn’t do it, it looks to me like the work of some vicious monster, maybe a one person job. Yesterday I was moved by stories of heroism and generosity of many who did all they could to help.
This morning, instead of police and FBI hot on the trail, I saw this video. ::link:: Remember the tsunami that devastated Sri Lanka and other dirt poor areas? How much looting was there in the aftermath? None. Americans! What’s wrong??
PS: I understand some of these are already on sale on eBay…

Monday, April 15, 2013

For the past five years, the NRA has been screaming that Obama is going to take away everybody’s guns, and surprise, surprise, for the past years, gun profits have soared. So what if people get killed? Money in the bank is what counts.
The spirit of the NRA, that profit is more important than human lives, the Huffington Post does not want you to read that school shooters are also video game addicts. Read on ::link::

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

當女孩要嫁離開部落的時候,部落家族的老人會跟著迎親隊伍後,唱著她從小到大的故事。我想,女孩一定哭。The Puyuma master carver Kuciling introduced a song from the neighboring Paiwan tribe. When a young lady left her tribal village to get married, all the old people in the tribe would follow and sing the song of her growing up. I bet everybody cried.

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Sj Jj說,「為什麼猩巴克的店員講話結尾都要加凹~、喔~、呦~、嗷~、悠~、澳~.......,

話又說回來,不完全是他們把我們當小朋友,而是他們把自己當小朋友。臺北常看到一些根本看不出是男是女的人,打扮細緻、可愛到不行。感覺上現在很多人不願長大,永遠陪伴著Hello Kitty、永遠可愛、永遠是小朋友,所以永遠不必負起大人的責任、永遠不必面對世界。但也永遠進不了大人的世界。

Those of you who thought we were living in the 21st century will be astounded to know that deep in Georgia, the one in the United States, not the one in the Caucuses, proms are still segregated (do you remember that wretched word?) and the kids still have to work to have an integrated prom. I’m flabbergasted.
Good for the promoters, and wish them every success.

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

果然!吳家狗成了國際名狗!不信的話,自己用google街景看烏來橋頭就知道。Wu the Gong-Maker's dog has gone big time. It's on google street view, lying in its usual position at the head of the Wulai bridge.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Talk about your April Fool's jokes! The first post on this blog dates back ten years ago today, although I actually started it a couple months later and posted back. Ten years later, I have reached 2,400 posts and have maybe two readers? I don't know if the joke is on me or on you.