Tuesday, October 27, 2015

In the aftermath of a shooting at a school, The National Rifle Association, that bastion of level-headed, impartial analysis, strategic foresight, and great compassion, proposed that that all schools should have armed guards, and that teachers should be armed, too. Now we see the wisdom of their viewpoint. Please examine this clip.
Apparently the girl was texting in class and refused to comply with her teacher’s directions, so the guard was called, and after knocking the sitting girl and her chair over, threw her on the floor. Very inefficient, sir, that will not teach her proper respect for authority. Now, if the guard had been armed NRA fashion, he could have simply shot the recalcitrant girl and saved everybody a lot of trouble.
Also remember that jihadists are lurking everywhere, just waiting to leap out and die in a flurry of bullets from our heroically armed citizens, so it stands to reason that teachers should carry loaded guns to class. In such a situation as shown in this clip, we can even hope that the teacher and the armed guard would engage in a gunfight, giving any surviving students an invaluable lesson that in the United States, the only solution to any problem is violence. 
And if you don’t agree with that, you’ve been duped by the liberal media and want the terrorists to win.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

This may need a little work, but here goes:

Q: What upset the pirate at his physical?
A: The nurse took his P and now he's irate.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Nut Korea, I’m sorry, North Korea has launched most of its submarine fleet, threatening South Korea and apparently attempting to force concessions. What, I wondered, is the PRC up to? A war there wouldn’t be in their interests: the PRC is still, in name, a communist state, so they ought to support NK, but financially they are very close to the South, and the South is much easier to get along with. Then I noticed that the People’s Liberation Army is massing troops on the NK border, and it became clear. The PRC isn’t saying anything to stop North Korea, because the moment North Korea makes a move on the South, PLA troops will pour across the border, and of course North Korea is no match for the PLA. In this event, the Chinese would depose Kim, get rid of him, and liberate North Korea. This would win them the gratitude of the world, build their prestige and international standing, add lots of territory (a new vassal state), give them a border with South Korea, and put them in an interesting position with regard to Vladivostok, the Russian Pacific fleet, Japan, and the American Pacific fleet. Stay tuned. 

Friday, October 09, 2015

The way I heard the story, the commander on the ground judged the situation too dangerous for medevac choppers, but Captain Freeman went in anyway with a regular military HUI. He flew back and forth through heavy machine gun fire, ferrying out the wounded. Only after he rescued all the wounded men did anybody know that he had been wounded four times. 
Too bad nobody paid attention to his passing. The chopper pilots in VN were all nuts, but they were heroes. Amitabha, rest in peace, sir.